Thai Suwannahong traditional massage lounge

Thai Suwannahong traditional massage lounge

Thai Suwannahong traditional massage lounge
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About us


The staff in charge of massaging is of Thai origin and carries out the job with devotion and ability.


Each staff member attended different levels of theoretical and practical training courses for the art of massage at the renowned WatPo Thai Traditional Massage School of Bangkok achieving good results. WatPo TTM is a world-famous Institute directly controlled by the local Ministry of Education.


Experience in Thai massage was achieved in Thailand, at the best Thai massage centres.


With the aim of offering the opportunity to live a unique and unforgettable relaxing experience, the common purpose of the staff is to make the Thai tradition and culture known through the art of massage.


Suwannahong is written in Thai and it means Golden Swan. It is a very representative and well-known figure in Thailand.

Its name is used in the modern Thai language as an expression to indicate insuperable beauty and grace: 'Ngaam onchoy tiap dang Hong', that is 'Beautiful and graceful like Hong'. For Thai people Hong is also synonymous of good luck and it is a miracle bearer.

For Hindu mythology Hong is the legendary swan-bird steed rode by Brahma divinity. It is possible to see the head and the neck of a Hong on the prow of the Subanahongsa royal boat which was obtained from a single trunk of teak; the boat with a crew of 67 members in full uniform ploughed the Chao Praya River in Bangkok in occasion of the most important Royal events.

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