Thai Suwannahong traditional massage lounge

Thai Suwannahong traditional massage lounge

Thai Suwannahong traditional massage lounge
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Traditional Thai massage, like Nuat phaen boran or Nuat phaen Thai, is exclusively practised in our oriental oasis not for therapeutic purposes, but for deep relaxing, on a raised lounger or on a suitable floor mat.
This kind of massage has many useful purposes: through skilful and expert manipulations, the massage therapist stimulates the person’s well-being and physical relief. Effects are immediate and the general sensation of wellbeing is long-lasting.
There are many benefits to be obtained from a Thai traditional massage: it reduces stress and anxiety, it invigorates, energizes and improves postural alignment, it makes skin and body movements more elastic. In right.….it gets you back on your feet again.


Nuat Phaen Boran originated in ancient India by Jivaka Kumar Vacta, Buddha’s personal seer and doctor.
About 200 years ago in Siam, massage techniques were very popular both for blood circulation benefits and for improving bodily health; representations of these original techniques were carved on stone and are still visible today in Bangkok in the Temple of the reclining Buddha.


In Thailand, Nuat Phaen Boran is known to be a traditional massage and it is considered and practised with devotion for religious and meditation purposes. Those who visit Thailand for business, tourism or other are usually attracted – apart from the local gastronomy specialities – by the pleasure of discovering or rediscovering traditional, classical, plantar or facial massage, to decrease stress and feel a pleasant sensation of well-being as well as achieving a satisfying spiritual balance.

Traditional massage

It is a relaxing massage to stimulate and re-balance the whole body: it stimulates blood and lymphatic circulation, helps muscle and limb stiffness disappear, it helps to maintain a straight posture.
It is performed with loose clothing; work commences on the areas of plantar reflexology, and moving up the body in order to reach the head. This results in a progressive and extraordinary feeling of well-being. This massage leaves you with both a relaxed and energized feeling because it stimulates the energy channels. A complete traditional massage can last 2 hours, but it can be reduced to one hour with good results and prolonged as desired upon request; to achieve a great, long-lasting benefit it is recommended to repeat the treatment subsequently at least three times within a period of about two/three weeks. Try not to eat a meal one hour before the massage. Also, be sure to give your massage therapist useful information, for example aching limbs or other.

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